Breathe. Inhale, exhale then, breathe again. The movement of air is invisible. Sometimes we can notice it, while others no, yet the breath is the mark of life, out of the control of the living but under their service entirely.



In my installation, I try to depict the connection between humans and the natural force of life. Living is a singular act, one human being, a plant, or an animal. But it is also a collective act of living beings depending on other living beings, an eco-system of regeneration of resources, air included. This complexity of singular and plural, sill and alive, natural and synthetic, is what creates beauty to me.

The installation is composed out of pieces of paper attached to a net, and behind it, a set of electric fans. When standing in front of the paper wall, only the fans directly in front starts to work, and raise the paper “leafs”. The movement of the paper has an organic feel. It creates a vague silhouette and a unique soundtrack that accompany the work. Breathe is a delicate and soft reflection of breath.