Feed My Emotions

In the past 15 years, Artificial Intelligences have become a permanent reality in our lives, even in invisible ways: but can an artificial intelligence be empathetic? Can it really recognize our feelings? And what is our feeling when faced with a machine that challenges us to feel emotions?


Feed my Emotions, playful installation that is also an invitation for young and old to reflect on the relationship between us and artificial intelligences, by examining a peculiar aspect of human beings: emotions.


The software on which the interaction system is made is based on a facial recognition algorithm. Players, approaching the totem, must maintain the expression of the emotion suggested by the software for the duration of the game. The software detects the signs by the features of the face – mouth, nose, eyebrows and eyes – and transforms them into colored geometric figures, concluding the experience with questions related to the emotion felt.


Feed My Emotion was created in collaboration with studio Ultravioletto in Rome for Explora Children’s Museum.