Feed My Emotions

Artificial intelligences are a widespread component in our lives even if we don’t see them. Can an artificial intelligence be empathetic?
Can AI really recognize our feelings? And what is our feeling facing a machine that challenges us to fell?
Feed my emotions is an interactive exhibit for kids and adults about feelings and relationship between human and technology. A game based tool for emotional mapping.

Find out Feed my Emotions, a game and also a challenge that invites us to reflect on the relationship between us and artificial intelligences, by examining a peculiar aspect of human beings: the emotions.
The software on which the interaction system is made is based on a facial recognition algorithm. All the players, approaching the totem, must maintain, for the duration of the game, the expression of the emotion suggested by the software , through the features of the entire face – mouth, nose, eyebrows and eyes. The software detects the signs that it transforms into colored geometric figures, concluding the experience with questions related to the emotion felt.