The Cube

Paganism or the worship of nature and the association of a soul with natural elements is a faith existed for centuries. However, as our natural world becomes infused with the digital there is a surge of beliefs that sees spirituality and divine power in technological tools. Many of those who hold these beliefs call themselves Technopagans.


The Cube is an interactive installation that tries to examine the sense of spirituality in the crossing between the natural physical world and the digital intangible one.


Is digital spirituality a thing that is shared by a few eccentric people or is it something all of us experience without noticing? Can an instrument evoke a Zen state? Where does the line between the digital and natural world pass and how does it feel to be on that edge?

The Cube is an intelligent object capable of representing a deceptive environment that questions the feeling of control (In reality, like all digital objects).


Sensors inside the cube pass information that manipulates the real-time video environment projected in the room. The viewer is invited to roll and twist the cube in his hands and experience the change in space in which it stands through sound and visuals. Drawing inspiration from the kaleidoscope, the Cube is capable of creating a deep focus state, almost like meditating.

The soundtrack accompanying the work is an original composition by the Italian musician Luigi De Crescenzo.

The installation was first presented at Blooming Festival 21.